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Why would you search at random? Why are you wasting your time?
Fill in a short form and wait for a proposal that will meet all your expectations.

You choose a project

that interests you and you are implementing

You fill out a short form

in which you define what offers are interesting to you (for example, only architects from your chosen city) and describe what project you are looking for.

You receive offers from architects

you can use them, but you do not have to. If no offer will convince you, you can modify the query or give up altogether.

Simple? Fabulously simple. And now to the work. Complete the form and choose the only architect whose vision will convince you in 100%!

Togetee is a helping hand

When you plan to build a home, renovate an apartment, arrange a garden, an office or a place and look for a professional you can count on help.

You have access to all the architects in one place

Without Togetee you will be blindly searching through the Google. To whom do you come this way? To the best specialists or to those who are the best promoters? Togetee is a useful application that will help you find the right architect.

You immediately reach the architects who are really interested

With Togetee you reach people who already know your purpose and are interested in helping you get there. With one click, you get many offers that you can easily and quickly compare to choose the best one for you.

You are reaching architects who think in a competitive way

Togetee architects know that the query that comes from you comes to the whole group of architects you define. So they are aware that the better conditions they will offer (including financial), the greater is the chance that you will cooperate.

You are in contact with precisely selected architects

You don't waste time talking to professionals who specialize in areas that do not care. Or with those who operate at the other part of the country. You immediately contact the right people.

You find the architect faster and more effectively

We help you to define expectations and requirements in such a way as to make it easier for architects to draw up proposals. This way, their offers can be more specific to you, and the time to get them shorter. You do not dig the whole internet. Thanks to Togetee you save a lot of time.

And that's all for free!

Reaching out to individually-defined architects and their offerings will cost you nothing. Togetee is a free application that simplifies the lives of its users.

Do you enjoy the benefits of Togetee? Excellet! Complete the form and wait for the response from interested architects. Choose one and make your investment!

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Krzysztof K. GdaƄsk
Finding an architect on your own is tedious and time consuming. I tried Togetee and within a day I received 10 specific proposals, from which I chose one performer whose vision suited me most. I would definitely recommend!

Here is Togetee

Togetee is the first application on the market that connects ordering persons and architects free of charge. No more analyzing hundreds of websites. End with looking for an architect to be happy. From now on, anyone - after completing a short form - may have access to closely tailored proposals that can be easily compared. Thanks to Togetee, you save time and reach the right specialist.

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